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Here's what our families have to say...

My child was one of the first to walk through the doors of I Can Learning Center. He was 18 months old then. We had been through other daycares and were not impressed with them. From day 1 at I Can we trusted that our child was getting excellent care and was experiencing things geared towards an excellent start to his education. They made special arrangements for his diet. They worked with us to get him potty-trained earlier than expected. Tiffany and her staff were great and always were willing to talk to us and listen to any concerns we had. 5+ stars!


AMAZING PLACE TO BE! In addition to the stunning facility, the I CAN staff members are compassionate and effective care givers and educators. They went above and beyond to care for, encourage, and help my child flourish via expanding confidence, independence, and belonging. If you are looking for a program that not only educates (ask them about how I CAN graduates compare to their kindergarten peers) but also truly cares for and about your child, you will not be disappointed here.


Words can't express how much I appreciate the care provided to my child by these professionals. I was so sad to leave, especially knowing that I may not find this type of care again. Thank you, I CAN, for a wonderful experience. Thank you for taking such good care of my child and for teaching her soooo much!!!!


Additional Family Comments

"Our son was accepted into the Kindergarten gifted program, scored in the 97th percentile on his NNAT test, and earned a perfect score on his math assessment."   -Brandon Bedka

"Our daughter is about to graduate on to Kindergarten and I can still remember her first week at I Can almost 4 years ago. She jumped leaps and bounds in so short of a time that I knew I would do anything to keep her at I Can until she "graduated". We went from a daycare that had a "color of the month" to a day care that helped our child learn the alphabet, primary colors, counting to 30, and even potty training all in just her first year.
Our second child was also slated for I Can the second we found out my wife was pregnant. He too has grown into such a well developed toddler, at only 19 months!, which we can only contribute to I Can's wonderful curriculum and staff. I HIGHLY recommend if you want your child somewhere that will ensure they exceed the baseline requirements of Kindergarten that you consider sending them to I Can. Same goes for any future children we happen upon :)"   -Kyle Wade

"Excellent isn't even enough to cover how great this place is. I feel I won't get the same experience ever again. My daughter learned more than I could ever imagine in less than a year. Everyone there is like family and I know me and Eliza will miss them dearly. I will forever tell her about the amazing daycare she went to and the amazing teachers she had and the amazingly adorable friends that she made. Thank you to everyone at I CAN for your help in teaching my daughter so much! I CAN is Revolutionary! It's truly one of a kind. And the same can be said about every person, teacher, and child there. I'm forever going to keep I CAN in my heart.

Thank you again everyone at I CAN! Please keep up with Eliza on my Facebook page! I know you all care about her as I do! I'll definitely let her keep up with all her classmates! I know they're only two but I feel bonds shared at any age can last forever."   -Kassie Christopher

"We couldn't ask for a better home away from home! Both of our children have flourished tremendously at I Can. The teachers and staff are amazing! Its a real learning environment on all levels. We love our I Can family!"   -Angie Jakubowski

"I really like that , regardless of many varying abilities and backgrounds, they make sure the children develop in an environment that encourages autonomy and personal responsibility. The administrators and staff and director are very warm and welcoming. They make sure that they explain all the different classrooms and rates and answer any questions that need to be answered. At I CAN they provide a nurturing environment of supportive guidance in which children can learn from their choices and develop to their fullest potential. The role of the family is of primary importance in influencing a child's development. They seek to protect and enhance this role through support and encouragement of family involvement in decision-making. I Can is a very wonderful school. Continue to grow and greatness!"   -Marie Lamb

"We love I Can! My children have been attending I Can for nearly 2 years. My oldest has flourished in the Ladders classroom. At 4, she is reading and spelling and it's amazing to see how her handwriting skills have improved over the past year as I look through her classroom journal. Our two year-old is learning sight words and has been asking to trace letters and shapes at home! She talks constantly about playing outside with her class and the art projects. She was snuggled and loved so sincerely in Mirrors that when #3 was born, we knew she could not be in better hands. Our youngest recently transitioned to Windows and loves testing her independence. I Can Child Care & Learning is special; it is so much more than child care! Our girls are receiving an excellent education in a fun, safe environment. The teachers work with each child individually to ensure that they are being challenged to grown and meet milestones (and often exceed them)! We feel very fortunate to have such wonderful people in our lives."   -Jennifer Anderson

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