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About us

The role of the professionals at I CAN is to provide this nurturing environment of supportive guidance in which children can learn from their choices and develop to their fullest potential.


I CAN has chosen a unique set of classroom names that speak to our goals for each age group. Our teachers work diligently to nurture, educate, and grow each student.

Meet Our Teachers

Our family-owned business is committed to making sure your child feels like I CAN is a 'home away from home'. We take special care to ensure each child consistently progresses academically, socially and emotionally.

Contact us

We are open from 6:30 AM to 6:00 PM and would be happy to tour your family or answer questions via phone.

Want a team dedicated to your child's success?

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We are dedicated to our students for life. We check in on students even after they graduate, and their successes are quite astonishing! All of our I CAN graduates have exceeded the benchmarks when tested during their first quarter of Kindergarten.

My child was one of the first to walk through the doors of I Can Learning Center. He was 18 months old then. We had been through other daycares and were not impressed with them. From day 1 at I Can we trusted that our child was getting excellent care and was experiencing things geared towards an excellent start to his education. They made special arrangements for his diet. They worked with us to get him potty-trained earlier than expected. Tiffany and her staff were great and always were willing to talk to us and listen to any concerns we had. 5+ stars!


AMAZING PLACE TO BE! In addition to the stunning facility, the I CAN staff members are compassionate and effective care givers and educators. They went above and beyond to care for, encourage, and help my child flourish via expanding confidence, independence, and belonging. If you are looking for a program that not only educates (ask them about how I CAN graduates compare to their kindergarten peers) but also truly cares for and about your child, you will not be disappointed here.


Words can't express how much I appreciate the care provided to my child by these professionals. I was so sad to leave, especially knowing that I may not find this type of care again. Thank you, I CAN, for a wonderful experience. Thank you for taking such good care of my child and for teaching her soooo much!!!!


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